What is Screenscene Mount?

Screenscene Mount is the laptop’s best friend for those who want more screen space! At home, the studio, coffee shop, or anywhere else you take a laptop, the simple and secure design is easy to take anywhere.

How do I use Screenscene Mount?

Using the Screenscene Mount is as easy as 1-2-3. Attach the bottom and top mounts to your laptop, insert your device, and pull the outside around to secure.

How do I share my laptop screen with my tablet screen?

Glad you asked! There are lots of third party apps out there for Mac and Windows users that help accomplish this. Some of our favorites are Air Display and Duet Display. Most modern Apple laptops running MacOS Catalina or higher (and iPads/iPhones running iOS 13 or higher) have built in screen sharing using Apple's "Sidecar" feature.

Is Screenscene Mount safe to use with my devices?

Yes. Screenscene Mount holds your devices gently and securely using injection molded plastic, and the tension of elastic bands. Using three points of contact, your devices stay in place by holding on to the outside edges of them, rather than squeezing the front and back of the device. The weight of the attached device is distributed along the outside edges of it, and laptop hinges are not subjected to any undue stress.

How long will Screenscene Mount hold my devices in place?

For pretty much as long as you want! Unlike most mount devices that use pressure on the front and back of your devices, Screenscene Mount uses three points of contact, with the top outside contact being the most important to hold your devices in place. Because of the these three contact points, your devices won't eventually succumb to gravity, and rotate off and away from your laptop.

What devices will Screenscene Mount work with?

Most 13 inch to 16 inch laptops, and 7 inch to 11 inch tablets. Most smart phones (even the smaller ones) will also work. Screenscene Mount's plastic ends are designed to grip devices with thicknesses up to 3/8 of an inch. So many devices with hard shell cases may also have the ability to attach, without taking the case off. Screenscene Mount is designed to hold devices at a slightly fixed inward angle, but the angle may vary depending on the thickness of your attached device.

I noticed that smart phones attach to laptops in portrait view. What if I want to mount it in landscape view?

Well, you can! We figured the majority of smart phones are used in portrait view, so it just made sense to design Screenscene Mount this way. However, if you want to display in landscape, simple use the wider band that is typically used for mounting tablets, and you should be off to the races. Wide screen TV show binging on a phone...here we come!

Any tips or tricks in using Screenscene Mount?

Actually, yes! If you've attached the top band to your laptop but aren't quite ready to attach a device (and don't want it visible and hanging on the side of the laptop), just hook the top outside plastic enclosure around the back side of the band to keep it out of view.

Any other tips or tricks?

Sure! Since many tablets and phones have their power and volume buttons on the sides, it's best to avoid contact with them using Screenscene Mount (as it may inadvertently push the buttons). Make sure to space Screenscene Mount accordingly in order to avoid the buttons. Most of the time the top band can be positioned anywhere from half to 3/4 of the way above the device, and the bottom mount can be placed 3/4 below the device. Plus, then you will be able to push those buttons!


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